Thursday, April 23, 2020

Cool your homes with Air Coolers this summer

With global warming on the rise, the average temperature is no longer your usual. As we move in to the midst of the summer season, this temperature is just going to increase and get hotter by the day hence enabling people to look for various ways to cool themselves off. Now its easy to spin those fans on its highest mode with windows as open as possible to keep you from sweating. It is even easier and more convenient to cool down faster with the help of summer’s friend – the air conditioner where we just crank it down to a few degrees and get a blast of coolness anytime. 

But how many times in a day can we resort to the AC? It is also important to note this kind of cooling will not only drain our pockets but also increase in potential energy consumption and an impact on the global carbon footprint. There is a need to understand and have cost-effective products that are earth-friendly, convenient to use, that work for you and also just make a small snitch to your electricity bill than a large one. We are talking about the other AC – Air Coolers – the easy/low maintenance sibling of the air conditioner that is versatile, portable and economical and given the kind of make-over it is going through in this time and age, it surely is popular as well. 

Apart from the fact that ACs are expensive, they also tend to circulate the same air in your room over and over again while an air cooler brings in the fresh air from outside to cool thereby not impacting the air quality in your home. The power consumption of coolers is also 1/8th to 1/10th of an AC leading to huge savings for the user. Moreover, while ACs also require arrangements to install it at one place, air coolers are more convenient to move from one room to another. And with the latest technologies, air coolers, too, give a blast of instant cooling with lesser worry in maintaining it.

A good quality air cooler acts as a welcome relief during summers where temperatures can soar and humidity can make us lethargic and unenthusiastic about life in general. Air coolers are one of the best options for solving those summer woes for people as they are not only lighter on the pocket, easy to maintain and provide quick cooling but also save up on electricity bills using lesser energy than air conditioners. Hence, air coolers create a cool zone in one’s home at lower costs with a higher ROI.

The following are a few benefits that air coolers provide to make people’s lives cooler and easier during summers:
  • They are easily portable and one can use them in their kitchens while cooking; in the balcony while relaxing or in the living room while reading/watching TV
  • Coolers work on the evaporative cooling mechanism taking hot air from the surrounding and give away cool air thereby creating a healthy and hygienic environment
  • An air cooler provides instant superior cooling with its advanced mechanisms while having unrestricted natural air flow and cross ventilation open keeping your homes cooler. It also has high-density cooling pads with a large ice chamber for the maximum cooling effect. So, for people coming from the scorching temperature outside, these coolers will “jaldi cool” your home and yourself
  • Air coolers are very easy to maintain as they come with easy to clean ice chambers, mosquito nets that keep insects and mosquitoes at bay from entering the cooler body; and automatic water controlling systems that make the air cooler nearly a simple switch on and switch off appliance. Hence the acquisition and running costs (its maintenance and power consumption) are both low
  • These are relatively inexpensive and economical hence one doesn’t have to break a bank to afford one. While also consuming lesser electricity, they offer environmental benefits like no harmful Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) emissions
  • Air Coolers are available in different sizes for different room spaces and at different price points. There are a variety of choices available like Tower, Personal, Desert and even Windows coolers 

As the weather condition changes and the heat beginning to take over, it is essential to enjoy a solution that cools our homes and yourself faster. And as mentioned before, let your cooler work for you, not the other way around so enjoy the above benefits and have a stress-free summer.

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